An Inspired Post For Madame Sunday

This post grew from an impromptu exchange with my twitter and blogging friend Madame Sunday, who daily paints new colors of fabulosity in the world via her blog, Modern Sauce. In our conversation, she professed her love for stainless steel sinks with pull-down spray faucets, as well as all things vintage, too. Well, it turns out we have the perfect combination of both, and I thought I’d post some photos for Madame Sunday’s viewing pleasure (and yours, too, of course).

At the Poole Ancestral Homestead, there is a double-bowled, stainless-steel sink, circa 1955, retro-fitted with a relatively new Pegasus pull-down spray faucet and soap dispenser that I installed in 2008:

It’s surrounded by much Geneva steel cabinetry of the same era, which about five or ten or even twenty years ago looked oh-so-out-dated, but now looks oh-so-wonderfully-retro in a superbly Bauhausian kind of way:

The cabinetry is overdue for fresh paint, and the laminated top could probably stand to be replaced, since it’s scratched and stained in a few spots, but still looking not too badly after fifty six years:

Some of the artifacts still very much in use include some steel canisters going back to World War II, a pitcher made in occupied Japan that’s serving as a utensil crock, a small stainless steel creamer pilfered from a Catskill Mountain resort in 1965 by a small boy who looked a lot like me, a primitive heart stoneware canister from my own home that’s serving temporary duty over here, and a wonderful plastic onion ala Stop & Shop:

You’ll notice, Madame Sunday, that there’s a lot of white and blue in this decor, and even some light coral in places, but I must report no purples or “panks” anywhere. We’ll see if we can do something about that – maybe a pank soap dish and a purple sponge holder might fill the void! ;-)

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My interests include historic homes, architectural preservation and restoration, improving the energy performance of old houses, and traditional timber frames.
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12 Responses to An Inspired Post For Madame Sunday

  1. ModernSauce says:

    Don’t even joke about putting more pank in there!! *shudder*

    That was fantastic!! Thank you for the love! I can’t believe that sink is in such good shape?! That goes for your cabinets and counters too! I have the same laminate (mine is red though) with the metal edge and it is nightmare-inducing.

    Hi five to vintage enthusiasts!

    • John Poole says:

      You are welcome, and right back at ya!

      I actually have glued those rubber child guard thingies to some of the exposed corners of metal trim around the laminated top because they are very SHARP!

      Glad you liked the sink. One of my great pleasures is really shining it up with metal polish from time to time!

  2. What a small world of confluence! John, I have the identical Geneva sink base – I couldn’t believe my eyes when I spied your photograph of the emblem. A full bank of those vintage beauties, as a matter of fact *slight shudder*. And I have red laminate with a chrome edge just like the Madame – although her tops are going to countertop purgatory soon, with her movin’-on-up reno conspiracy.

    • John Poole says:

      Rich, that is truly amazing! Need I say there is actually more than just that sink base, too, including a number of over head cabinets and one standing cabinet. It’s all pretty amazing. In time, I will try to post more pictures!

  3. Barry Morgan says:

    Hi John,

    I don’t have any of this stuff. But I did pilfer a thing or two when I was little. One of my not so stellar moments was checking out a book about the universe. I tore from it pages of fantastic imagery of cluster’s and white dwarfs and such. These I glued onto pieces of card board.

    In the spaceship we built from a huge packing crate, on the center console, surrounded by buttons (from Brian’s moms button box) and levers there was this card board case with a plastic top which somebody’s wallet had come in. It was our view screen and the space pictures could be inserted through a slit in the side for different cosmic views. Ah, the pre-computer days of simple petty thievery in the name of adventure…

    I returned the book undoubtedly making for some pretty sad amateur astronomer’s in my wake.

    Anyhow, nice kitchen John. Thanks for inviting us in.


    • John Poole says:


      What a great collection of child hood adventures! My friends and I were doing pretty much the same things…building spaces ships in garages, or outside “forts”, often made from 4×8 plywood panels. We even had a mega tree house (“tree fort”, actually) back then, too, although I don’t know how “mega” it really was, or was it just because I was younger and that’s how I recall it now…

      What I find interesting in my parents’ house is that there is a lot of vintage stuff, just plain “old” at one point, but now treasured and admired, that’s still in regular service (as I think it ought to be). There is also much old stuff that was already archived in storage areas (for example, in a number of shelved storage cabinets in the basement) when I was a kid, that I’d like to resurrect and put back into service. Including some beautiful brass sconces with decorative glass globes. All harks back to a time still remembered by some, but now very much in the distant past. Anyway, hopefully, I’ll have similar posts to this one in upcoming months.

      Thanks for visiting!


  4. Love the kitchen and the sink! Those cute canisters and that onion would fit right in to my kitchen!

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  6. Meaghan says:

    I just wanted to let you know that there are 20 granite benches in the Salem Witch Trials memorial. There were 20 victims. Good article otherwise though. :)

    • John Poole says:

      Good point, Meaghan. 19 accused of witchcraft, and then Giles Corey. Thus 20. I will correct the article. Thanks for commenting!

  7. John Poole says:

    Uh…oh yeah…just occurred to me you might still be in possession of a certain black mail picture involving that plastic onion. I need to watch my step. But, no, you can’t have the pitcher..the pitcher stays!