Incra Angles Guaranteed Safe!

I have a minor investment in two Incra angles, a Guaranteed Square™ and a Guaranteed 45° ™. Those of you who are woodworkers or use precision machinery understand their purpose, of course, which is to achieve a precise 90° or 45° angle, as one might need to do, for example, in laying out a joint, or setting a cutting blade.

Incra claims their angles are accurate to within 0.001″, and will maintain their accuracy even if dropped. However, you’d never want to actually drop or otherwise abuse one of these angles, as they’re beautifully made, and also run about $50 a piece.

Not too long ago, I came across two small carrying cases which had been tossed in a trash container at work. Designed to store and transport removeable disk drives, these cases are made of high impact plastic, have tightly locking covers with gaskets, fixed foam cushioning inside, and carrying handles.

I thought I could put them to some good use, so rescued them from the trash bin. Later, it occured to me they’d be ideal for my angles, which I had still been storing in their original cardboard boxes.

Tonight, I went about fitting these cases for my angles. I took the foam that the angles came packaged in, and, using a cutting mat, utility knife, and steel rule, trimmed it down to fit precisely within the fixed foam cushioning inside the cases.

They worked perfectly…..

A few thin layers of extra foam both above and below, and each angle was held snugly in place, and completely cushioned.

Now, I can carry my angles around and store them with out fear of damage or humidity. The fact that the cases stack nicely is an added bonus.

About John Poole

My interests include historic homes, architectural preservation and restoration, improving the energy performance of old houses, and traditional timber frames.
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8 Responses to Incra Angles Guaranteed Safe!

  1. One persons trash is…

    Nice save there John & a great way to repurpose an item.

    • John Poole says:

      Thanks, Sean. The cases obviously had some future purpose. And I’m really fussy about protecting/storing my tools (can you tell?) :-)

      • Well, now that you mention it… :)

        I love the ideas you come up with, bagging the safety gear, repurposing some cases to help store & protect some precision equipment, etc… it sure beats the guys that just throw their tools everywhere & wonder why they break or why they have to keep replacing them.

  2. Barry Morgan says:

    Hi John,

    Nice! Another interesting side to this is case storage, accessibility and having the means to quickly identify what we have safely stowed away.

    • John Poole says:

      Thanks Barry! All very true. Only thing I need to do is label each one to distinguish them. But otherwise, a nearly ideal solution!

      • Barry Morgan says:

        I’ll say.

        I am thinking about your new cases as they enter the system of storage in your workspace.

        I have an inside joke with myself about how each year, in the spring, my van undergoes an overhaul and becomes that years edition. This re-thinking of the space includes evaluating how well the previous edition worked and inevitably includes the addition, subtraction and moving about of items.

        I find it really interesting that work spaces are places we work on even as we are working in them.

  3. I have a labeler you can have. Only used twice, by my son, to essentially post snarky notes on my computer. And did you say you’re fussy? What about particular? And I think you left out persnickety and curmudgeonly too. While we’re at it, it seems to me that THIS activity of yours took waaaaaay longer than other chores, such as setting up Skype for example. Ahhahahahaaaaaaaaa

    • John Poole says:

      Heheheheh! Skype. :-) It actually took longer to compose the post than to do the project. The project took but a few minutes of measuring and cutting. Thanks for the offer, but I already have a label maker. Only didn’t bother digging it out to use it. Now, Professor Russell, don’t you have some formal logic proofs to go work on?