The Point’s Picks for November 18th

Here’s a curated smattering of a few things that grabbed my attention this past week, for the Saturday reading and relaxing pleasure of any like-minded folks out there…

Seeing (Infra)RED. John Snell, of the The Snell Group (@TheSnellGroup), published a great introductory article on IR thermography, “Getting Started in Infrared“, in the November issue of The Journal of Light Construction, and was featured on the cover:

JLC November Issue

Social Media. Todd Vendituoli published “SoMe = Social Media: Do You Need it?” on Building Blox, providing his own perspective on why businesses must invest time in SoMe: Be a participant in your brand messaging, rather than simply attempting to control it.

Historic Preservation and Green Renovation. This is the title of a post published by Carl Seville (@GreenCurmudgeon) in Green Building Advisor this past week. Carl points out the close alignment between historic preservation and green renovation, and how housewrights of the past frequently incorporated sustainable design into old homes. Carl is a leading green building science and energy expert who respects and sees value in historic preservation guidelines — that’s a big relief to people like me!

NorthernStar Conference Tweets. Much thanks to my good friends Sean Lintow, Sr. (SLSConstruction) (@SLSConstruction), and Michael Anschel (Otogawa-Anschel Design-Build) (@michaelanschel) for the recap of Michael’s tweets from the NorthernStar/DOE conference this past week. Sean’s transcriptions can be found here: Day 1 Windows, and here: Day 2 Basements/Foundations. If you’re passionate about energy efficiency and doing it right, these Twitter stream recaps are a valuable resource. It’s amazing how much information one can glean by scanning a well-tweeted Twitter steam.

Google Real Time Insights. Energy Circle (@EnergyCircle) published a post introducing Google’s Real-Time Insights Finder Tool, which potentially can help narrow down an analysis of regional keyword search popularity. As some one with an ongoing SEO campaign who’s already performed an extensive keyword search analysis within the home performance domain, I’m interested in how this tool might help me fine tune my existing results even further. Expect a blog post about my own test drive of Google Real-Time Insights Finder very shortly.

Morning Tech Routine. Professional genealogist, house historian, and fellow New Englander Marian Pierre-Louis (Marian’s Roots and Rambles) (The New England House Historian) (@marianpl) shared her “morning tech routine“, replete with caffeine infusion and order of firing apps up. It sounded remarkably like my own, although, I must admit, I usually open Twitter first! :)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this recap, and found some of the entries interesting and useful. I’ll make this a weekly Friday night/Saturday morning occurrence, going forward. Of course, it’s a summary of just one person’s perspective, and admittedly, my interest-tendrils extend in many different directions. So readers are guaranteed an unpredictable assortment of everything, from the sublime to the arcane. Have a great weekend!

John On Train

The author, en route to Stamford, Connecticut, last Thursday morning (photo by M. Gallagher)

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My interests include historic homes, architectural preservation and restoration, improving the energy performance of old houses, and traditional timber frames.
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7 Responses to The Point’s Picks for November 18th

  1. Very interesting blog post. I love the helpful links!

  2. Great to see all the links John and thank you very much for the inclusion in your post. I think your idea of posting some of the interesting posts you read is really a good idea too.

    • John Poole says:

      You’re welcome, Todd! Great stuff you’ve been writing about social media and its use in the building industry. Glad to have the honor of having connected with you. And thanks for the positive words…hopefully this format will work out nicely!

  3. Very cool idea John & looking forward to it – now to check out the last link as it is the only one I haven’t seen & looks interesting

    • John Poole says:

      Thanks very much, Sean! Glad you like the idea, and am equally looking forward to publishing this weekly. Thanks also for the recap of Michael’s NorthernStar/DOE tweets — great information and impressions to sift through.

  4. John Poole says:

    Dearest Alexandra: Thank you so much for that disturbing alien visual, and not even saying anything complimentary about my nice, new, moss winter jacket. I only hope any comment you’ve left on Todd’s SoMe posting is far gentler than this one, and yes, you both participate in Fun & Fit messaging, AND are totally out of control…so you oughta know! :D

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