The Point’s Picks for November 25th

Hope all of you have had a great Thanksgiving Day, and are enjoying the weekend. Here’s my summary of this past week’s notables, “…to be useful, with a pleasant degree of humor”, as Robert B. Thomas once said…

On Birmingham Point

Two companion posts were recently added to this blog: “Historic Home Performance: The Adoption, Care, and Feeding of a New Meme“, and “Rating Home Performance as an Industry Defining Term“.

Home performance has been proposed by Energy Circle as a rallying cry for the residential energy industry. I support this nomenclature. Furthermore, it’s also inspired me to coin historic home performance as my own defining term for the unification of home performance with historic preservation. The former post gives an account of this. The latter post analyzes the search engine optimization (SEO) implications of embracing home performance. SEO is critical to any practitioner using the web and social media to market their services.

Also please give our Historic Home Performance Manifesto a read. This is our first, formal piece of writing on this topic; expect much more on this over the upcoming months.

Holidays and Health

Alexandra and Kymberly Williams published an excellent article in Fun And Fit, entitled Holiday Food: Mind Over Platter, which emphasizes the need for reasonable moderation in our eating choices throughout the holidays, instead of unsustainable, extreme dieting. It features photos of several of Alexandra’s totally scrummy baked goods. Yum!

Holidays and Safety

Two excellent postings on the dangers of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning when cooking holiday dinners using indoor combustion appliances (particularly, gas ovens) were published this past week:

David R’s Blog (David Richardson) featured Thanksgiving, Gas Ovens, and Carbon Monoxide, which emphasizes proper testing and operation of gas-fired ovens (is it really the tryptophan that’s making everyone so sleepy, or might it be something far worse?).

Allison Bailes of Energy Vanguard also published Don’t Let the Turkey Get you Down!, on the same topic, likewise emphasizing the need for proper testing of gas-fired appliances by certified professionals, and cracking open a window or two if in doubt.

And also on the topic of combustion appliance safety, Sean Lintow of SLS Construction published Gas Hot Water Heaters, Energy Auditors, and You, as part of his regular Safety Sunday series on his Homeowners and Trades Resource Center (HTRC) blog. He emphasizes the homeowner doing their homework to ensure they hire the right certified professional for the job.

Web and Social Media

Energy Circle published their new, free whitepaper for home performance professionals, Social Media 101. It’s a great read on using social media in the online marketing and promotion of your business. While geared toward home performance, the basic principles apply to any local business.

Energy Circle and Energy Vanguard also delivered a Social Media Strategies 2.0 Webinar, geared toward the home performance industry. This free webinar was sponsored by Efficiency First.

Starry, Starry Hijinks

Many people were too busy fighting for a place in line at Walmart or Target late Thursday night (what silly, irrelevant preoccupations this society of ours sets its priorities on) to notice, much less care, how Jupiter shone brightly above them in the east. Nor appreciate the fact that a new moon was also present, just at that moment, on the opposite side of the globe.

Tonight, at sunset, just about ten degrees above the horizon, the moon re-appears, as an ultra-thin crescent, and in conjunction with both Mercury and Venus. Catch it if you can!

Also, 2012 will prove to be one of the most significant years in a long time for observing the planet Venus. High and bright, Venus appears as an evening star the first half of the year, and a morning star the latter half of the year. The culmination of all this will be a spectacular transit of Venus across the face of the sun, in June (wear at least a #14 welders goggle, if you plan to observe this).

You can follow our various astronomical postings covering these heavenly events, at the Joseph and Abigail Hawkins House blog. So head on over there and follow or subscribe if you enjoy reading about this stuff.

That’s it…hope everyone has a relaxing weekend, and here’s to a good week ahead!

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    Thanks, and it’s refreshing to see some one with much healthier Thanksgiving Day traditions than most! And yes, I can think of some one who might be able to use some help in future star gazing activities. I am always more than willing to assist! :-)

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