A Photo of the Mansfield House from Days Long Past

Here’s a photo of the Reverend Richard Mansfield House when it was situated at its original location, on the opposite side of Jewett Street, more or less where Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church and School stands today:

Mansfield Glebe House

From the sun and shadows, it looks like the front of the house faced almost due north, toward the cart path (now Jewett Street). There also appear to be some plantings just behind the house, and a long stand of ivy growing up the east end.

This photo also seems to reveal that the ends of the upper and lower plates of the frame had apparently always protruded through the siding at this end of the house, as I could discern this when zooming-in on the old photo. Here’s a present day photo of what I’m describing:

Plate End Protruding Beyond The Siding

Many thanks to Randy Ritter of the Derby Historical Society for bringing this amazing old photograph to my attention.

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My interests include historic homes, architectural preservation and restoration, improving the energy performance of old houses, and traditional timber frames.
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5 Responses to A Photo of the Mansfield House from Days Long Past

  1. John Leeke says:

    John, thanks for registering over at the Window Standards discussion forum. You have an interesting and useful looking website here.

    John Leeke
    by hammer and hand great works do stand

    • John Poole says:

      Thanks very much, John!

      Am looking forward to reading the draft standards and discussions, and hope to help out, where ever I can. Thanks for initiating and leading this effort — window conservation is a cornerstone of historic preservation, IMHO!

      ~ John

  2. Ann Patry says:

    Hi John,
    Congratulations on your purchase. I bring my mother to 8:15 mass at St Joseph’s most Sundays, her lifelong church. I showed assorted bits of the fam your article last Sunday at breakfast after mass. We’ll be watching with great interest the developments across the street.


    • John Poole says:

      Hi Ann!

      Thanks very much for the lovely note. I hope you and your mom and your sister are all doing well.

      I recall there being a Polish connection / thread in your lineage, so your account of mom’s connection to Saint Joseph’s Church makes it all a bit clearer for me.

      You’re all invited to stop by anytime, but there’s a bit of work I need to do here first, including making the house more elder-accessible via the back entrance. One of my early spring projects!

      Good hearing from you!
      - John

  3. John Poole says:

    Thanks! It does indeed have that quality to it. I love that photo, too…. :)

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