Waterbed Adventures and a Ghost

The last caretaker living in the Mansfield House left a steel bed, box frame, and mattress behind, in the parlor chamber. This afternoon, I wanted just to move all this to another room, when I discovered, much to my chagrin, that the mattress was a water mattress. And of course, you can’t simply move one without emptying the water first; they’re simply too heavy.

Waterbed Mattress

This waterbed mattress consists of eight independent cells. One had not been filled.

So, I opened the outer casing, removed the cells, and carried each, one at a time, down the back stairs into the bathroom (yes, that’s right — my rear second floor stair leads straight into the first floor bathroom):

Second Floor Stair Just Beyond Bathroom Door

The rear second floor stair is conveniently located for late night calls to nature...

Next, I opened the plug on each cell and drained its aqueous contents into the tub:

Pry The Plug Out A Cell

Prying the plug from a cell with a screw driver

Water From Opened Plug

Thar She Blows!

Water Streaming From Open Cell

By lifting one end of the cell, I could get the stream pretty high; a few times almost up to the edge of the tub (there's a bit of arcane guy humor in this line -- work with me here, folks)

Then, I spread the empty cells out on the kitchen floor. What do I do with them now? It all looks rather expensive to me. So, I’ll attempt to contact the former caretaker and find out if she wants it all returned:

Cells On Kitchen Floor

Cells spread out on the kitchen floor. Should I stoke up the fireplace to dry them? (Just kidding!)

Later on, I encountered my first ghost in the cellar. It’s a well known fact that all old homes have ghosts — this one only took a while to finally reveal itself, and its Halloween pumpkin, as well:

Pumpkin And Ghost

The Mansfield House ghost, and its accompanying Halloween pumpkin

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My interests include historic homes, architectural preservation and restoration, improving the energy performance of old houses, and traditional timber frames.
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3 Responses to Waterbed Adventures and a Ghost

  1. alice says:

    Let’s face it, John has a thing for fire extinguishers. I’ll bet he has one in every room. He once gave me one for my birthday, even wrapped it. Now that I know about his fire “condition”, I’ll move it to the bathroom whenever he visits. Thanks for the heads-up, John.

    • John Poole says:

      ‘alo, Alicia!

      Jes, ju know Juanito berry, berry well, ‘n hees penchant for fuego extinguishurs!

      How are you?! Glad you visited my blog, and hope you become a regular reader and commenter…

      I also hope that you brought your fire extinguisher to your new home. Or at least, your tenant at your old home now knows where it is, and has been given expert training in how to use it!

      As for me, no, I don’t keep a fire extinguisher in each room, but I do keep one on each floor, in a fairly obvious location.

      So, have you started blogging yet? Where is your new WP blog covering the Austin rowing scene? I need to learn more about it!

      Hasta pronto,

  2. John Poole says:

    Zannie Fannie Chobani,

    The last caretaker was well on in years, and might’ve lacked the wherewithal to really properly dispose of the bed. And that’s actually speculation on my part, frankly; I’m not totally sure who left this bed here.

    As for the fire extinguisher, sometimes when you gotta answer a call to nature badly enough, you feel like you’re on fire, and often run like you are, too. And besides, what’s better than a fire extinguisher to frighten off ghosts, or scary specters haunting the bathroom vanity mirror? AHahahahahaha! :-D

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