Christine of the Mansfield House

This photo appears in A History of Ansonia: Bicentennial-1976, a remarkable booklet detailing the early-to-present day (1976) history of Ansonia, Connecticut, which had been published in commemoration of the city’s bicentennial:

Christine Ryan by fireplace

Christine Ryan tends the fire in the South Parlor of the Mansfield House; Rev. Mansfield's rocker in front of the cupboard (Photo Credit: Lawrence A. Larson; Source: A History of Ansonia: Bicentennial-1976)

I have no idea who Christine Ryan was, but here she’s dutifully tending the fire (well, not an actual fire) in the South Parlor. Whenever I encounter any old photos like this one detailing Mansfield House history, I’ll always publish them here on this site (if possible), so as to have a single photographic record in one place.

Many, many thanks to my good friend, and cohort in crime, Marian O’Keefe, Curator of the Seymour Historical Society, for giving me her spare copy of this booklet.

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  1. John Poole says:

    I took a photo of you standing in front of a fireplace in the Corwin House (the “Witch House”) in Salem, MA, and another of you standing in front of a fireplace in the Pierce House in Dorchester. Which proves that I have a “weird chick in front of fireplaces” fetish, not a weird “chick in front of fireplaces” fetish… :-D

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