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Last week, I added several Historic Home Performance pages to A Preservationist’s Technical Notebook: There’s an Historic Home Performance definition, an Historic Home Manifesto (based on the manifesto I’d penned last November), and yet a third page listing online Historic Home Resources relevant to historic preservation, home performance, and sustainability. These pages are far from complete, but will continue to be expanded and refined in the months to come. Any and all feedback and suggestions are welcome.

This past Friday, my Historic Home Resources page was cited as an information source for historic preservation and energy efficiency by historic preservation planner Josh Silver, at the National Alliance of Preservation Commissions (NAPC)’s Forum 2012, something which I very much appreciate and feel truly honored for:


NAPC Greening of Historic Homes Session (Photo Credit: Brigidanne Flynn)

Many thanks to new preservationist and Twitter friends Josh Silver, Scott Whipple, Brigidanne Flynn, and long time best bud and home energy guru Allison Bailes (Energy Vanguard) for all their support.

NAPC Windows

NAPC Windows Preservation Workshop at Fort Norfolk (Photo Credit: Brigidanne Flynn)

You can peruse the tweets (a good number of attendees were actively tweeting some very informative tweets) from NAPC Forum 2012 via their Twitter hash tag #NAPCForum  (assuming, of course, these tweets haven’t been archived away at this point; in any event, you can still Google the hash tag, if so inclined, and bookmark/track it for future events). You can also follow NAPC on Twitter, at @NAPC.

A recap of NAPC Forum 2012 has been posted on the NAPC Forum 2012 home page, in the form of both the Forum 2012 Speaker Biographies, and the complete collection of Forum 2012 Presentations (which is quite an impressive resource in itself). Also, a local newpaper article highlighting Forum 2012 makes for a good summary of the event. Finally, a collection of conference photos were also posted by a professional photographer. NAPC has slated their next forum to take place in Philadelphia, in 2014.

NAPC Forum 2012 Poster

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