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Mansfield House South Garret

Every home needs a serviceable office, task area, or study, in my opinion. So I’ve chosen the south garret as the office of the Mansfield House. Why is that? Well, after all, it’s a small utility room; not really all … Continue reading

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Perseids Peak Tonight

The Perseid meteor shower peaks tonight (Saturday, August 11th, 2012) , just a little after midnight, U.S. EDT. As long as the weather holds up in your particular locale, conditions should be excellent: The moon only begins to rise around … Continue reading

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A Sustainable Laundry Washer

Back in April, I’d published an article called Will this Detergent turn my Greywater a Lighter Shade of Gray? which, among other things, declared a commitment to traditional hand washing of laundry, as one means of extreme energy and water … Continue reading

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Curiosity Touchdown on Mars

Just a few minutes ago (6 August 2012, ~1:33AM EDT), I was following Curiosity’s (aka, Mars Science Laboratory’s) epic landing on Mars, and saw the first images from the lander as they were transmitted to earth, via live streaming video, while … Continue reading

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