Blizzard Of 2013: Part II

Today was the second day following the Blizzard of 2013, and despite the valiant efforts of many homeowners in our neighborhood at cleaning up pathways, it’s now starting to feel like we’re quite trapped in this predicament.

Snowblower operating over snow covered sidewalk.

My neighbor Greg kindly took pity on me, despite my long and public eschewing of snow blowers, and cleared this long stretch of side walk. And I wasn’t about to refuse his offer.

While I’m confident the town is doing everything in its power to get the streets clear, I also know that physical resources are limited, and our side streets will receive lowest priority. But the clearing just can’t come quickly enough.

Digging SUV out from snow.

Meanwhile, Ryan finally managed to free his SUV from its snowy bounds and re-situate it off the street.

Fortunately, temperatures were mild today: It was a balmy 32 degrees all day, but the sun shone brightly and there was no wind. Some of us (including myself) were given to stripping down a bit and working in shirt sleeves.

Men with snowblowers taking a break.

An impromptu meeting of the men behind the snow blowers…

At least our neighborhood is now more or less “connected” to the nearby main road, if only via foot travel. And all of us are still laughing and enjoying a certain sense of camaraderie through all this. My only real concern at this point (besides the return of a serviceable street, of course) is the prediction of more precipitation and freezing rains for tomorrow.

A one-finger salute to the camera.

…and a warm greeting to yet another neighbor who’s been playing golf in Florida for the past 1.5 months (to whom, of course, I duly texted this photo).

That’s it for today. Things move very slowly in the Land of Way Too Much Snow. We’ll see what excitement tomorrow brings…

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