Volunteers Sought To Save Peter Tufts House (c. 1680)

The Medford Historical Society, of Medford, Massachusetts, is looking to quickly assemble a team of volunteers to manage the stabilization of the Peter Tufts House (c. 1677-1680), one of the oldest brick homes in the United States.

Built around 1680, by Peter Tufts, Sr., for his son, Captain Peter Tufts, Jr., the home was acquired by the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities (now Historic New England), in the early 1900s, and later purchased by the Medford Historical Society, in 1983.

Image of the Peter Tufts House (c. 1677-1680), Medford, Massachusetts.

The Peter Tufts House (c. 1677-1680), Medford, MA (Source: Wikipedia Commons).

Unfortunately, like many historic homes, the Peter Tufts House suffers from much deferred maintenance, and is need of immediate attention. Although the Medford Historical Society is determined to hold on to the home, and keep it accessible to the pubic, they’re concerned they lack the expertise to manage this effort.

Hence, they’re reaching out to the preservation community at large, searching for qualified volunteers willing to form a preservation management team on their behalf. Ideal volunteers would have expertise in areas such as historic property management, historic preservation (including preservation trades and technologies), grant writing and fund raising, and construction project management. If you’re interested in participating, please direct your inquiries to:

Ryan D. Hayward, President
The Preservation Collaborative, Inc.
40 Sheridan Avenue
Medford, MA 02155
781 241 7253

who’s spearheading this search effort on behalf of the Medford Historical Society. For more detailed information, please view this statement by Mr. Hayward, and the original press release by the Medford Historical Society, posted by The New England House Historian.

To all of you in the online historic preservation community: Please help spread the word regarding this request for volunteers. Let’s show the world how social media can help save historic landmarks!

Image of the Peter Tufts House in much earlier times

The Peter Tufts House in much earlier times (Source: New York Public Library Digital Collections).


Many thanks to Ryan D. Hayward, of The Preservation Collaborative, Inc., for leading the volunteer search, the Medford Historical Society, for doing the right thing by reaching out to the preservation community at large with their request for help, and especially to my great friend Marian Pierre-Louis, of Fieldstone Common History Radio and The New England House Historian, for getting the ball rolling on publicizing this effort.


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5 Responses to Volunteers Sought To Save Peter Tufts House (c. 1680)

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  2. Jay C. White Cloud says:

    Hey John,

    Not much I can do from here but follow along, thanks for bringing this to everyone’s attention. If you could think of something I could do as far as tech support or maybe something else. Let me know. What is the structure used for currently?



    • John Poole says:

      Hey Jay C.,

      Totally understood, and thanks anyways. My objective is to get word out, and reach as many interested folks as possible.

      Currently, the Peter Tufts House is serving as a museum (and has been, for a very long time). The Medford Historical Society would prefer to keep it opened to the public, rather than sell it to a new owner, even though the home has protections on it. Hence, their call for help.

      - John

  3. Diane and Peter Tufts says:

    We are very interested in assisting in the restoration of Medford’s Peter Tufts’ house. Just found out about the endeavor and are enthusiastic to begin. Hope to photographically journal the project for historical and genealogical benefit. Peter Tufts of Medford, father to Captain Peter was my husband’s 8x great grandfather. We welcome the opportunity to participate in the worthy project.

    • John Poole says:

      Diane & Peter,

      That’s very good news to hear! Thanks for sharing. Were you able to get hold of Ryan, then? And am hoping that it was perhaps at least in part due to my posting here.

      And good luck with your photo-journalistic record keeping. That’s something certainly necessary for projects like this.

      Best wishes,

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