Urgent Historic Home Sale

SANFORD/BRISTOL HOUSE. Double Dutch gambrel colonial home (c. 1789) for sale. 2388 square feet. 0.3 acre lot included. Located at 111-113 North Street in Milford, Connecticut Historic District. A scenic area with Wepawaug River view, and home values ranging from $500K-$750K. Must be sold as is, with no contingencies, before January 13th, 2014, or will be demolished. $200,000 cash, firm. Home convenient to highways, train, Long Island Sound and beaches. 90 min. to NYC. Excellent opportunity for preservation-minded restorationist-reseller, or home owner willing to reinvest for future returns while residing in a beautiful location.

Contact philip@walkerlawofficellc.com (860 693-1313) or emarchitto@cttrust.org ASAP for details.

Image of the Sanford-Bristol House.

The Sanford-Bristol House, c. 1789 (Image Credit: Connecticut Trust For Historic Preservation/Greg Farmer)

View of bridge and river from Sanford-Bristol House (taken from public sidewalk).

View of bridge and river from Sanford-Bristol House (taken from public sidewalk).

View of river and park from Sanford-Bristol House (taken from public sidewalk).

View of river and park from Sanford-Bristol House (taken from public sidewalk).

Sanford-Bristol House from directly across North Street.

Sanford-Bristol House from directly across North Street.

Sanford-Bristol House, as viewed from the park, and across North Street.

Sanford-Bristol House, as viewed from the park, and across North Street.

Sanford-Bristol House amid fall colors (Image credit: Tim Chaucer).

Sanford-Bristol House amid fall colors (Image Credit: Tim Chaucer).

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About John Poole

My interests include historic homes, architectural preservation and restoration, improving the energy performance of old houses, and traditional timber frames.
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15 Responses to Urgent Historic Home Sale

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  2. I just read that “This Old House” on PBS is looking for submissions – tell them about it!

    • John Poole says:

      Thanks very much, Liesa!

      I’m currently pursuing that, in addition to many other avenues (of course). My only concern, though, is that their publishing cycle might be too long, given the tight time frame we have to find a buyer. But I’m certainly not leaving any stones unturned!

      - John

  3. alice says:

    Does the house have to be moved? Do you have additional info about condition, etc? Street name?
    thanks John


  4. Bill Smith says:


    I’m trying to spread the word from up here in NH. I’d hate to see all the effort you and your Connecticut cohort have contributed be lost at this point.
    A reminder to other readers, until the sale is closed this house is at risk. The time frame is short and any and all efforts to find a buyer will help.

    • John Poole says:

      Thanks so much, Bill!

      Yes, you’re absolutely right: the house is completely at risk. Many are saying it’s been saved, but it’s just a momentary respite until the right buyer finally secures the place.

      IMHO, this place would be ideal for a restoration contractor/”flipper”. As I’d mentioned, it sits in an area where surrounding homes go for $500-$750. It had once fetched $450K in early-2000s dollars (though admittedly, those were very different economic times).

      I believe one could do the right thing for the home and the local history here, while still attaining some amount of profit.

      So thanks, again, Bill, for all your support, and writing, and un-ending assistance. Everyone here knows who you are and greatly appreciates your support!

      ~ John

  5. Cody says:

    Why does it have until January to sell? Why can’t the money put towards demolition go towards saving this historic beauty! :(

    • John Poole says:

      Hi Cody,

      I have no reasonable answer for your questions. All I can say is that that was what ended up being agreed to by the two parties in court.

      But thanks very much for contributing your comments here!

      ~ John

  6. steve says:

    i have read everything and can’t determine if house needs to be moved or do you get the lot with it??..this should be made clear for potentials buyers, and help finding a lot is also very important to this save…

    • John Poole says:

      Hi Steve,

      No, there is no requirement to move the house. The lot is included along with the house as part of the sale. The house stays where it is.

      Part of the effort here is not simply to save the physical house, but to keep it in the same location, so as to also preserve the integrity of the historic district itself.

      Thanks for your comment! I shall attempt to adjust the various posted ads to clearly specify that the lot is included with the sale.

      ~ John

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  9. Leslie Tillmann says:

    What is status now in January 2014?

    • John Poole says:

      Hi Leslie,

      The house was sold to the CT Trust for Historic Preservation in late December, and at some point (hopefully soon), will be transferred to an individual purchaser. Please see the following posting for more information.

      Thanks very much for commenting here, Leslie!

      Best regards,

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