Snow at Sanford-Bristol House

The past two days have seen the first significant snow falls of this winter season in our area. Here’s a photo I took this morning of Milford’s Sanford-Bristol House (c. 1789), covered by freshly fallen snow from last night:

Milford's Sanford-Bristol House, under a cover of fresh snow, December 18th, 2013.

Milford’s Sanford-Bristol House, under a cover of fresh snow, December 18th, 2013.

However, this grand old home isn’t quite out of the woods yet, and wouldn’t have even been standing here this morning, in fact, had it not been for the Milford Preservation Trust and their relentless effort to save it from unreasonable demolition.

Needless to say, this preservation fight has resulted in substantial legal costs for the Milford Preservation Trust, and they certainly can use your help. So, in this season of giving, please consider making them a donation, and perhaps showing your support even further by becoming a member.

You can easily donate via PayPal or credit card on the Milford Preservation Trust’s home page, and enroll as a member via their online membership page. Any support you provide will help further the Milford Preservation Trust’s mission to keep Milford’s history alive by preserving is historic places and properties.

And if you’re interested in purchasing the Sanford-Bristol House to prevent its demolition, please note that it’s still on the market, and will be until January 13th, 2014.

Image of the John Downs House, Milford, Connecticut.

John Downs House, Milford, Connecticut



“In the end, our society will be defined not only by what we create, but by what we refuse to destroy”  – John Sawhill



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5 Responses to Snow at Sanford-Bristol House

  1. Daniel L. Bosques says:

    Winter, spring, summer, and fall… This house has been boasting it’s beauty for 224 years. I hope it does for another 224.

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  4. John Poole says:

    Thanks, Alexandra. But the Downs house (pictured at the bottom of the article) is simply a symbol of the Milford Preservation Trust. It’s a home they helped save a few years ago. Sorry for not being clearer about that.

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