Preservation Award for Sanford-Bristol House Rescue

The Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation will be presenting their 2014 Merit Awards, this coming Wednesday evening, April 9th, 2014, at the Hall of Flags of the State Capitol, in Hartford. This award recognizes people, organizations, or projects, that have significantly contributed to the conservation of Connecticut’s historic buildings, landmarks, and sites.

Among the recipients to be honored during this ceremony is the Milford Preservation Trust, which is being recognized for rescuing the historic Sanford-Bristol House, of Milford, Connecticut, from imminent demolition last fall. As someone who’d been heavily involved in this effort since early last summer, I’m extremely pleased that the Milford Preservation Trust is being recognized for this outstanding accomplishment.

Front of the Sanford-Bristol House, Milford, CT.

A recent close-up of the Sanford-Bristol House, taken by the author.

Had the Sanford-Bristol House been demolished, a double blow would’ve been dealt to the cause of historic preservation: not only would a unique and highly eclectic gem of early Connecticut domestic architecture have been forever lost, but the very concept of an historic district, and the protections it affords its properties, would’ve been rendered irrelevant, at both the state and national levels, by a single, unprecedented event.

So, many congratulations to the Milford Preservation Trust, for stepping up to this daunting challenge, and for bravely persevering through a stretch of time when success seemed so illusory. The historic preservation world owes you far more than any award can adequately bestow.

Please Consider Making a Donation

The Milford Preservation Trust is a small, non-profit organization, dedicated to preserving Milford’s historic places and properties. The Sanford-Bristol House legal fight incurred the Milford Preservation Trust a significant debt. Yet, they must continue performing their important work. Please consider making a donation, and possibly even becoming a member. Information can be found on the Milford Preservation Trust’s home page, and also on their membership page.

Sources of Additional Information

For complete information on the 2014 Merit Award recipients, see the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation’s Facebook page.

Jill Dion, of the Milford Mirror, recently published this excellent article about the Milford Preservation Trust’s award.

Numerous, recent photo albums of the Sanford-Bristol House can be found on the Milford Preservation Trusts’ Facebook page.

The Sanford-Bristol House community has also launched a Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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4 Responses to Preservation Award for Sanford-Bristol House Rescue

  1. I’m so glad to hear the house was saved. Kudos to all those who pitched in for its preservation!

  2. Bill Smith says:

    Congratulations to you and everyone involved. I know there were a lot of moving parts, but you contributed your share and then some.

    So glad to see that at least a bit of senseless destruction was avoided, this time.

    BTW, hope you’ve weathered the tough winter OK. We’re thawing and melting quickly, hope to plant peas soon!

    • John Poole says:

      Thanks very much, Bill.

      And thanks for your own contributions and steady support from afar. I still can’t believe that we managed to overcome the odds, which, in retrospect, still appear no less daunting than they appeared at the time! And yet, it all happened.

      Weather here has likewise been tough, and only really softened the past week or so. Haven’t even started to plant anything just yet. Still cleaning and getting geared up for house stuff!

      ~ John

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