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About Bill Smith

Bill Smith is the owner of Building Diagnostics, in Penacook, NH, working with home and small business owners on issues of energy, building durability, and indoor air quality. Bill spent many years as a contractor specializing in remodeling and rehabilitating older homes. He has a knack for finding things he's unqualified to do, and then learning to do them. This led to jobs such as rebuilding 50 historical window sash and maintaining a pre-revolutionary saltbox home for the owner. Bill regularly shares his perspectives and experiences on his blog, Building Greek. You can also follow Bill on Twitter as @BuildingGeek.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

I’m a bit smitten, beguiled if you will, by a house that really should mean nothing to me. I’ll never own or live in this house. I would, however, like to see it. For that to happen, apparently I’d have … Continue reading

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