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Articles describing novel or optimized techniques for achieving a useful result, within some discipline. Can range from simple tips, to detailed procedures.

Roof Raking Antics

We’ve been having quite a severe winter here in good ol’ southern Connecticut, along with much of the rest of the nation. Heavy and frequent snow fall, along with prolonged low temperatures (well below freezing) for weeks on end, have … Continue reading

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Incra Angles Guaranteed Safe!

I have a minor investment in two Incra angles, a Guaranteed Square™ and a Guaranteed 45° ™. Those of you who are woodworkers or use precision machinery understand their purpose, of course, which is to achieve a precise 90° or 45° angle, as one … Continue reading

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Bag Your Safety Gear!

That’s right: Bag your safety gear! No, I don’t mean discard it. A practice I’ve established for myself is using a gear bag for dedicated storage of all my personal safety gear. And nothing else. Keeping everything in a single, … Continue reading

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