Field Notes

Oronoque Saltbox Historic Home Survey

My field notes from my historic home survey of the Oronoque saltbox are rendered here as a (rather large) PDF (25MB). Please note that these field notes are subject to the same Copyleft: CC BY-NC-SA licensing terms as all other original content published on this site.

Oronoque saltbox survey field notes.

[ I'll soon post a lower resolution scan, so as to get the file size much smaller ].

2 Responses to Field Notes

  1. Daniel L. Bosques says:


    The field-notes are my favorite. Cool stuff.


    • John Poole says:


      Glad you liked them!

      I apologize if they took a long time to download. I need to re-scan that document at a lower resolution, and try to get it to a more reasonable size.

      But the scanning process is tedious and takes a while, and quite frankly, I just haven’t had the time (nor the inclination) to revisit this.

      - John

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