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Oronoque Saltbox Historic Home Survey

This gallery contains all the photos I took while surveying the Oronoque saltbox home, grouped by location within, or outside, the house. Each collection contains a short narrative interpreting the story told by the photos, hopefully complementing the more focused, highly technical perspective of the Survey Report.

Oronoque Saltbox Attic Thumbnail

Attic — Attics often tell much about the material history of an old home. These photos reveal details of the extended rear roof system, in which relatively modern framing stood side-by-side with ancient timbers.

Oronoque Saltbox Cellar Thumbnail

Cellar — Cellars likewise reveal much about early construction. Here are photos of the home’s original foundation stonework, masonry, and first floor system of roughly dressed timber joists and planks.

Oronoque Saltbox Exterior Thumbnail

Exterior – This large collection of exterior photos, taken during the final days of the Oronoque saltbox, details its exterior trim, fenestration, masonry work, extensions, construction site, and location relative to the strip mall.

Oronoque Saltbox Hall Thumbnail

Hall – The hall provides a good example of an early stone fireplace that had been subsequently reduced in size via facing with red brick, along with the incorporation of a later period wood mantel and other paneling.

Oronoque Saltbox Hall Chamber Thumbnail

Hall Chamber – The hall chamber offered as pristine an example of 18th century regional timber framing as one could hope to find: Two fully exposed bents, and a system of spanning joists, with a single, central tying joist.

Oronoque Saltbox Kitchen Thumbnail

Kitchen – The kitchen area exposes much of the timber frame construction of the lean-to, including additional timbers that were added when the lean-to roof was extended, and the rear lean-to wall pushed farther back.

Oronoque Saltbox Parlor Thumbnail

Parlor – The parlor revealed a longitudinal joist system with a center tying tying joist, and irregular, hand planed joists that clearly were intended to be plastered over. A brick-faced fireplace with fluted pilasters was also found.

Oronoque Saltbox Parlor Chamber Thumbnail

Parlor Chamber – Like the hall chamber, the parlor chamber offered an excellent example of 18th century regional timber framing in its summer beam and transverse joists, the only such joist system present in this house.

Oronoque Saltbox Porch Thumbnail

Porch – A small collection of photos of the main entry way and second floor stair, which connected the parlor and hall, and was usually referred to as the “porch”, in early colonial house plans. Of main interest here is the stair itself.

Oronoque Saltbox Second Floor Hallway Thumbnail

Second Floor Hallway – An unusual modification to the Oronoque saltbox, of relatively more recent times, was this end-to-end hallway, which spanned the second floor, separating the front sleeping chambers from the garret area.

Oronoque Saltbox Tear Down Thumbnail

Tear Down – This collection of photos chronicles the destruction of the home, from the start of demolition, to its final hours. Sad as they are, these photos also confirmed several theories of mine on the home’s manner of construction.

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