Hall Photos

Oronoque Saltbox Historic Home Survey

The hall of the Oronoque saltbox was situated on the south (warmer) end of the home. It’s stone fireplace, like all the other fireplaces throughout the house, had been faced with red brick at some later time in the home’s history, probably in the early nineteenth century. This had the effect of diminishing the fireplace in size. A mantel, with finely fluted pilasters, was also added at that time (see photo H1).

Photo H2 shows the chimney girt, hall chamber floor joists, rear post, and rear girt, all of which had been blackened with soot from the past kitchen fire, many years earlier. Note the ends of the joists had been reduced and were of slightly varying heights, so wedges had been driven into the pockets at various points to fill the gaps. This is an example of a system of “longitudinal joists”, as I’ve described at length in the Survey Report.

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