Second Floor Hallway Photos

Oronoque Saltbox Historic Home Survey

The second floor, end-to-end hallway of the Oronoque saltbox was truly an odd piece of construction for a home of this style and vintage. Clearly, it had been added at some point after the rear lean-to roof was raised, and its purpose was to provide easy communication and privacy between both front sleeping chambers and the rear stair and the garrets (photo SH2).

The stair at the south end of the hallway was undoubtedly original, and had been a feature of the south garret in the original house plan (SH8). On the other hand, a small room had been framed and partly finished at the north end of the hallway, and judging by the vent stack that’d been roughed-in here, this room was intended to be a small modern bathroom. But it had never been completed (SH3).

Of particular interest is the overhead joist system of the hallway, which had been framed between the original rear plate and the rear stud wall (SH10). To me, it represented a transitional piece of work between traditional timber framing and the stud-framing construction techniques that were emerging at the time. The joinery is quite simple and fastened with nails, yet the members themselves appeared to have been roughly hewn (SH13).

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