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Oronoque Saltbox Historic Home Survey

I’ve developed a complete, three-dimensional model of the Oronoque saltbox’s timber frame, using Trimble SketchUp. Such models should prove valuable to historians and students of architectural history, in that not only do they capture important facts about a particular historic home, but also impart an understanding of how traditional timber frames were actually built.

All the various schematics published in my Survey Report of the Oronoque saltbox are simply different perspectives of this same three-dimensional model, as are the drawings shown on this page.

Front elevation of Oronoque saltbox frame, rendered in SketchUp

You may freely download a copy of this model from either of the two sources listed below. Regardless of source, your copy of the downloaded model is subject to the licensing terms stated on this page. The model can be viewed using either Trimble SketchUp 8, or the somewhat simpler SketchUp Viewer, both of which are likewise available for free download from their respective source pages, and subject to Trimble’s licensing terms.

Northeast perspective of Oronoque saltbox frame, rendered in SketchUp

Licensing Terms of the Oronoque Saltbox SketchUp Model

Copyleft: CC-BY-NC-SA, by John Douglas Poole. You are free to download, use, modify, and republish this model according to the above copyleft. However, no warranty, neither expressed, nor implied, is made by me regarding the safety, performance, or suitability of this model for any particular purpose. Furthermore, I reserve the right to modify or remove this model at any time, without notice.

Download model from the Birmingham Point website.

Download model from John Poole’s Trimble 3D Warehouse page.

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