Plantation by the Sea is a blog covering my ongoing efforts to develop a moderately-sized, sustainable, and highly productive door yard garden, based on proper soil management and efficient planting techniques.

In addition, I’ve published several articles on energy conservation, sustainable homesteading, and small scale food production, for both Building Moxie and A Preservationist’s Technical Notebook. Collectively, the first two form something of a manifesto for building a greener, more sustainable world, while the third and fourth are invited articles commemorating Earth Days 2011 and 2012, respectively. Both suggest simple, initial steps for engaging in Earth Day -related objectives.The fifth article, written for Blog Action Day 2011, describes my vision of combining historic preservation with sustainable food production. Finally, the fifth article addresses the use of handwashing with a suitable detergent as a means of reducing the energy costs of doing laundry, and facilitating the re-use of greywater. This article was written in anticipation of Earth Day 2012: Mobilize The Earth.

  1. Staying On-Grid, Part I: A Hybrid Approach to Sustainability
  2. Staying On-Grid, Part II: A Call to Arms to the Citizen-Farmer
  3. Earth Day 2011: Three Simple Acts That Can Make A Difference
  4. Earth Day 2012: Mobilizing for Water Conservation
  5. Blog Action Day 2011: Sustainable Food Production Begins At Home
  6. Will this Detergent turn my Greywater a Lighter Shade of Gray?

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