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Historic Home Performance: The Adoption, Care, and Feeding of a New Meme

My friends Peter Troast and Will Mallett of Energy Circle have been investigating and writing about branding issues, optimal website design, and search engine optimization (SEO) for the home energy industry for quite some time now. Peter has often pointed … Continue reading

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HAL 9000 Meets Kill A Watt(TM)

“I’m sorry, Dave…” OK. It’s really not HAL 9000, although you’ve got to admit, it looks a bit like one of HAL’s ubiquitous camera eyes. Actually, it’s a charger used to re-charge the two 12V batteries that power the mobility chair in … Continue reading

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How to Kill a Watt While Sizing a UPS

In my last two posts, I described some basic water conservation measures we’ve taken at the Poole Ancestral Homestead. We’ll return to that topic in the near future. But for now, I’ve turned my attention to optimizing our home’s use … Continue reading

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Low Flow Aerators All Around

Today, another small step on the Poole Ancestral Homestead’s journey to precise energy retrofit nirvana was taken, and it consisted of installing a low flow aerator on each of our faucets. You might recall in a previous post how I installed a 1.5 gallon … Continue reading

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A Long Journey Begins With A ( Low Flow ) Shower

They say a long journey begins with a few small steps. Yesterday, I unofficially initiated my long-term, precise energy retrofit of the Poole Ancestral Homestead by simply installing a water saving, low flow shower head. The new shower head is a 1.5 gallon-per-minute, … Continue reading

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