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Introducing Historic Home Surveys Online

This month, I’m pleased to announce my first installment of what I hope is a long-term project of some significance: A new online archive of surveys of historic Connecticut homes — mostly 18th century, and mainly of my particular region … Continue reading

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Capturing Historic Architectural Detail in SketchUp

In the very first Connecticut houses, architectural detail was minimalistic and strictly utilitarian. But even the earliest colonists wanted their homes to look good, so in time, both interior and exterior detailing began to take hold. Much of this elaboration … Continue reading

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Golden Ratio Bench With Inset Vises

Here’s an enhancement to my Golden Ratio workbench design that incorporates several Veritas Inset Vises into the bench top: My objective here is to get the same functionality as traditional woodworking vises, but without an obtrusive attachment at the bench … Continue reading

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