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Articles referencing Stratford, Connecticut, usually in some historical context. Stratford was settled by Reverend Adam Blakeman, in 1639.

Phelps Mansion Remembered

Phelps Mansion (c. 1826) was an impressive, three-story, Greek Revival home, that had once stood proudly at 1738 Elm Street, in Stratford, Connecticut. Unfortunately, the home was torn down in 1972. But as a young lad, I had the rare privilege … Continue reading

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Prayer Spring Farm

Last fall, I wrote extensively about a Georgian saltbox in the Oronoque community of Stratford, Connecticut, that was facing demolition. My two main articles about this house were Imminent Historic Teardown, and Oronoque Saltbox Requiem. I’d also been given access to … Continue reading

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Blizzard Of 2013: Part II

Today was the second day following the Blizzard of 2013, and despite the valiant efforts of many homeowners in our neighborhood at cleaning up pathways, it’s now starting to feel like we’re quite trapped in this predicament. While I’m confident … Continue reading

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Blizzard Of 2013: Part I

Some called it 

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Oronoque Saltbox Requiem

It’s been just about seven weeks since I’d published Imminent Historic Teardown, an account of an historic home in Stratford, Connecticut, nearing its demolition by commercial developers. On October 26, 2012, demolition and waste removal began, with only about a … Continue reading

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Imminent Historic Teardown

Once again, one of New England’s early saltbox homes is facing an imminent teardown in the name of commercialism and historically insensitive development. This time, it’s happening in my own home town of Stratford, Connecticut. Stratford is a very old, coastal … Continue reading

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The Point’s Picks for January 20th

Now that the holidays are over and everyone’s down to business again, what better thing to do than publish our first weekly summary of the New Year? So with no further ado, here, once again, is our hand-picked, curated summary … Continue reading

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